Games can make an important contribution to healthcare, and we seek to realise this potential. The goal of Yellow Riders is to develop games which change behaviour in a fun way. We focus on (preventive) health, using accessible applied games in the fields of exercise, food and wellness. We are specialised in motivation and behaviour change by implementing games in various contexts

In collaboration with the largest hospital in Holland we have developed YOOP, an applied game for overweight/obese kids.

The aim of the game is to motivate kids to live healthier lives (lose weight) , and to change their behavior. In a relaxed, fun and positive way.
We do this by means of a virtual pet (alter ego), which should be taken care of.

The pet must eat healthy and regularly, drink plenty of water, control craving moments, and is linked to an activity tracker, so the children will have to keep moving to get ahead in the game, and unlock new games.

With the right gameplay, levels and rewards, we believe we are able to keep the kids motivated.

The game does not replace therapy, but is an addition to existing therapies and lifestyle programs. E-coaching can be added.


Losing weight by playing games, that’s what we aim for.



YOOP is developed by Stephan Aarts (Yellow Riders) and Cindy Dekkers (ABSRD BV) in collaboration with Roel Weber (Weber Interactive).


Stephan Aarts: stephan@yellowriders.com

Cindy Dekkers: cindy@absrd.com